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Agent53 is a cloud-based subscription service for facility managers, real estate facility managers managing rents, service charges, occupants, facilities, purchases, issues, fees and collections, to list a few.

The platform creates avenue to perform a variety of services, these are outlined briefly below

  1. Create property units for purchase, rent, leases well ordered for you to manage in any dimension like offices, flats, duplexes, buildings, office complexes, blocks of flats, condominiums, estates, streets, cities, states.
  2. Manage your clients and allocate property units to them in terms of purchase, rent or lease; and charge different categories of fees that applies to an allocation, different fees for purchases or for rent or lease.
  3. Charge penalty for default of payment with a specific fee defined as a percentage of the original fee or the accumulated fee over a defined time period.
  4. Associate reminders to each fee created, SMS and email reminders.
  5. Automatic generation and dispatch of invoices and reminders of owed and pending fees, rents, service charges, debts, and creates alternative electronic ways of collecting them depending on your specifications as a facility manager.
  6. Log issues or complaints relating to a particular property unit like a flat or an estate. Issues like leaking roof for an office or flat, generator repair for office block or block of service flats; issues can also be updated regularly with level of progress attained and you can attach a fee as a cost of fixing the issue which will later reflect as expense.

Fees, reminders and issues can be applied over a container like an estate with its sub-units and it will affect the clients in the sub-units like in the case of fees and reminders, as it is applied to a bigger container, it also applies to the sub-units and its clients.

So if you define once, for instance, an estate or block of offices/flats where clients pay a specified fee monthly, invoices are automatically generated for every occupant every month and with this you can track defaulters and the periods of default.

You can collect payments manually or activate our electronic channels of collecting payments if you need it for your clients. This means that in the reminder for payments sent to them a payment link is attached where they can pay with their debit cards or other electronic payment channels available depending on the country.

The platform charges monthly subscription by debiting your tokenized mastercard or visa card. When signing up for an account you add a debit card for tokenization. We charge this debit card monthly. There is also a 30-day free trial available.

You can reconcile your monthly expenses, platform debits with the monthly collection made. View unpaid, partly paid and paid invoices. View debts. We also have an artificial intelligence based scheme that looks for bad debts and engages the debtors via mail discussions for them to make payments.

For now we want to set-up in Nigeria and Canada. We can make use of collaborators, sponsors and so on.

The allocation for rent will renew until deallocated. If it gets to expiry, it will renew automatically but his invoices remain same.

The fee has an expiry, it's a renewal actually for recurring payments. So after it expires, it won't generate new invoice.

The reminder works on this fee. If the fee seizes to exist, the reminder seizes to exist too. If the fee is recurring, the reminder starts all over again after the fee has expired. After the fee expired, the reminder sets it next due date from its setting.

The reminder works on the fee, gets its invoices and asks for payments for them.