More Revenue

Capture every data about the facilities you manage as a facility manager, and make more revenue with a more organized workspace etc

Every debt owed is always visible
Agent53 sends payment reminders
And collects payments
Payments are sent to your account

Less Overhead

Agent53 is doing everything for you in your day to day tasks and activities as a facility manager, you incur less administrative overhead which will drastically reduce.

Agent53 generates account reports
Generates invoices and send to clients
Remind you of complaints untreated
Track debts and ensure payments


You want to manage your estate of houses and streets, collect service charges, schedule maintenance and others.

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Office Blocks

Manage blocks of offices, schedule events, reduce administrative over and maximize revenue.

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Agent53 will check guests in, create invoices for their purchases, sends to them and collects payment.

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All in One

Manage estates, houses, condos, offices, apartments, dormitories, halls, make collections, schedule maintenance.

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Work Less

Give yourself a break, stop working too hard let Agent53 do everything for you.
Do other things and check your dashboard for updates


System generates automatic invoices for clients every pay period either for one client or a group.


Generate automatic payment reminders for a client or group. Stops when you receive payment.


Schedule maintenance for clients. Track and update its progress and resolution.


Keep data of all your clients at every facility you manage and for the sales you make.

Allocation Expiry

Get to know clients' rents or leases are expiring, and prepare on time for renewal or ejection.


View and filter time-based charts and reports of different types for revenue, debts and others

Choose a better way to work

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